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Syte – Strategy Institute for Digital Health

When the group was founded in 2005 on the basis of decades of medical and scientific experiences, it became evident quite early that a beneficial integration of innovative digital solutions in established healthcare processes can only be achieved using quite conservative standards. Quantified proof of medical and economic impact, including real world evidence, are inevitable success factors for Digital Health. While these standards are conservative, Digital Health offers new effective methods to fullfil them. 

The Company….

  • is focused on Digital Health in the pharma, medtech and insurance sectors
  • transfers its global innovative experiences from 4 continents into every national or regional project
  • is experienced in Digital Health service planning (e.g. ideation, business model evaluation), reimbursement structuring (e.g. medical and economic impact, payor negotiation), trial conduction (e.g. patient identification, evidence generation) and scaling (e.g. market access and international roll out)
  • has supported cutting edge SMEs, governments and major corporates, for example, some of the largest global insurers
  • regularly publishes its own research on Digital Health in internationally renowned, peer-reviewed scientific journals 
  • has positioned strategic leaders in the Digital Health market, scaled revenues as stand-alone or combined services and rolled out Digital Health services internationally

Key Syte strengths

  • Very long market experience: more than 15 years of Digital Health with major pharma, medtech and insurance companies as well as governmental projects delivering deep Digital Health policy level insights (e.g. Digital Health laws, Ministry of Health collaborations, Digital Health boards)
  • Extensive track record: Digital Health service strategies and implementation for indications such as Asthma, COPD, Diabetes mellitus, electronic implants (cardiac, cochlea), orthoses, rare diseases (e.g. Bronchiolitis obliterans) and others
  • Deep academic insights: Syte is publishing cutting edge research results in renowned scientific journals like the Journal of Medical Internet Research 
  • Long-standing hospital collaborations and global network of medical experts: direct collaboration with leading medical centres and for Digital Health, e.g., selected for the largest global AI LQTS project by the European Union
  • Intensive market insights: collaborations over several years with industry teams from, e.g., Austria, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cambodia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK, US, Vietnam, Singapore

This is also reflected in the profiles of our team members

  • The average team member has a minimum of 5 years (some members up to 25 years) of international Digital Health strategy, conceptualisation and implementation experience, and the majority of our staff have PhD's in related topics, e.g., Medicine or Artificial Intelligence
  • Team members published their research in leading peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Medical Internet Research, among others (see Downloads link)
  • Collaboration experience from SME's to a majority of the largest global healthcare companies including the largest pharma, insurance and medtech companies

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