Big Data Analytics on Healthcare

Impact of Big Data analytics on healthcare at University of Luxenbourg

Organized by the Universityé du Luxembourg and Elixir on 4/5.10 at the beautiful Maison du Savoir at Campus Belval, Université du Luxembourg ( Attending speakers came from prestigious institutions like Harvard Medical School and well-know high-tech companies like Google, Microsoft and IBM. Several sessions were arranged during the conference:


  • Modelling the virtual human
  • Big data in neurology
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Big data in oncology
  • Clinical decision support systems

The talk held by Syte manager Justus Wolff was placed within the session Technology & Innovation. He focused on the segmention of applications and payers within the healthcare sector. Especially AI and big data require a dedicated valuation approach due to their special characteristics. Important evaluated factors include data, algorithm and the team. Within the valuation approach, special attention needs to be paid to the financial dynamics of these young and strongly growing companies as well as to the huge amount of intangible assets they have accumulated. Key takeaways: Next to having met inspiring leaders that will shape our tomorrow, we also have three key takeaways for you:


  • Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare, but also in other industries, requires a multidisciplinary approach with experts coming from different field. Hence, communication is an essential part in such projects.
  • Technologies that will disrupt healthcare: AI, Big Data, Blockchain and the digitization of the whole value chain, from research to bedside and ahead.
  • The business model of many corporates in the healthcare will be disrupted. The faster and innovative companies will be on the brink of the next healthcare area.