Medtech Solutions

Medtech companies, in contrast to pharma companies, mostly have a profound experience in software development as their hardware requires proprietary software. They use Digital Health, e.g., in electronic implants for maintenance and monitoring. Despite this, in our projects we have experienced a pattern of typical hurdles for real economic success:

  • Medtech product developments often don’t fully consider the requirements of the next generation of Digital Health functionalities 
  • National sales teams are not able to identify and activate the optimal national routes for monetisation
  • Lack of reimbursement forecasting before the development of a Digital Health functionality
  • Mismatch between the core medtech portfolio and the chosen Digital Health functionalities
  • Unawareness of nation-specific scientific learning curves of Digital Health, which must be considered in trial and monetisation negotiations
  • Lack of Digital Health specific economically relevant parameters in trial design
  • Underestimation of regulatory hurdles and selection of unsuitable regulatory pathways 
  • No consistent investment focus to drive Digital Health implementation and revenue generation