Pharma Solutions

Pharma companies use Digital Health in many different ways, e.g., for cost saving in R&D processes or for an increase of medication adherence. In our projects we have experienced a pattern of typical hurdles for real economic success:

  • Missing integration of digital functionality within standard healthcare processes of medical institutions
  • Lack of reimbursement forecasting before the development of a Digital Health functionality
  • Mismatch between the core drug portfolio and chosen Digital Health functionalities
  • Lack of monetisation concepts based on medical impact quantification
  • Underperforming pharma sales teams due to difficulties identifying and activating the optimal national routes for monetisation (neither for stand-alone nor for digital and drug combined services)
  • Unawareness of nation-specific scientific learning curves of Digital Health, which must be considered in trial and monetisation negotiations
  • Lack of insights into the highly relevant national Digital Health community of researchers, which is not identical with the standard opinion leaders known by pharma
  • Underestimation of regulatory hurdles (like medical software product classes) and selection of unsuitable regulatory pathways 
  • Lack of Digital Health specific economically relevant parameters in trial design
  • No consistent investment focus to drive Digital Health implementation and revenue generation

All these, among other factors, significantly slow down the adaption of Digital Health in pharma.