We use several technological based methods to support our clients


Digital Assistance

Guidance software for Digital Health service programming, regulations and market access. Facilitates and accelerates the conventional advisory process through predefined process steps and documents (e.g. for reimbursement)


Analytical Engine

Analytics functionality (conventional statistics and machine learning), e.g., for

  • the identification of suitable patients, e.g., patients with a maximum medical and economic impact
  • diagnosis/treatment outcome evidence generation 
  • during standard routine of care processes, e.g., real world evidence collection


  • Databases for medical and economic impact of Digital Health services (prior medical data, patient monitoring datasets, 17,000 publications per year, industry benchmarks)
  • Case data of large scale and also rare disease areas of prior projects (diabetes, asthma/COPD, heart failure, depression, pain management, bronchitis obliterans syndrome, etc.)
  • Reimbursement contract database for EU/non-EU collaborations with payors

Medical class software registration platform

  • Requirement and specification forms
  • Checklists for development
  • ISO, FDA, MDR and IEC Standards
  • Risk management

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